Apartment design in Spain: trends and features

Renovation and design of Spanish real estate: trends and styles


Spain, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse architecture, has always attracted the attention of tourists and investors alike. Buying property in this country is becoming an increasingly popular choice, and the renovation and design of Spanish real estate play an important role in creating a cozy and stylish home.


Trends in apartment design in Spain:


  1. Minimalism: Cleaning the space, using neutral colors and natural materials such as wood and stone are key elements of Spanish minimalism.


  1. Mediterranean style: Light shades, nautical motifs, the use of ceramics and handicrafts create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.


  1. Industrial design: The combination of modern materials with elements of old factories and plants gives the interior a unique industrial charm.


  1. Eco-design: The growing interest in sustainable materials and eco-friendly technologies is reflected in the design of Spanish apartments.


Popular apartment design styles in Spain:


  1. Spanish Colonial Style: Rich fabrics, dark wood finishes, wrought iron elements all characterize this style, which combines elements of Spanish and Latin American cultures.

  1. Modern: Clean lines, minimalist shapes, and the use of cutting-edge technology make this style popular among connoisseurs of modern design.

  1. Rustic: Rough textures, natural materials and a cozy atmosphere are all characteristic of the rustic style, which fits perfectly into Spanish architecture.

  1. Art Deco: Luxury, geometric patterns, gold and silver hues – Art Deco gives the interior a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Features of Spanish interiors


Antique details


In Spanish interiors, antique objects play a key role, giving them a special charm. They can be found both in the everyday apartments of residents and in exquisite design projects. Although vintage and antiques are present in other European interiors, they fit in especially organically in Spain. Grace and elegance are preserved here, but warmth, comfort and friendly simplicity are added. The spirit of antiquity manifests itself in various forms: from small details that attract attention to entire rooms decorated in a vintage style. For the Spaniards, scuffs and old paint are not defects, but become a decoration of the interior, its unique "soul".


Unusual ceiling


Spanish houses exude individuality and surprise with their variety of interior styles. But if there's one thing that unites them all, it's the ceiling. In Spain, ceilings attract special attention and are real works of art. Wooden beams, as if soaked in time, or massive beams with natural irregularities are very popular. Such ceilings, combined with light decoration and wooden furniture, create an atmosphere of southern comfort and natural harmony. But there are also more solemn options: wide ceiling plinths decorated with exquisite stucco, or ceilings painted with bright colors. In Spanish interiors, there is no place for stretch ceilings – the originality and individuality of every detail is appreciated here!


Warm shades of white and lots of wood


Warm shades of white are the main solution in decoration, and plaster, stone, paint are the most important materials. In contrast to the colder German interiors, Spanish spaces seem to be enveloped in the sun thanks to a combination of warm colours such as beige, sand and powder, with the use of light woods. Furniture, doors, decorative elements - everything fits into this palette, although sometimes bright accents are added to create a spectacular contrast. In addition, rattan is sometimes used in addition to wood, giving interiors a special charm.

Renovation and design of Spanish real estate is not only the process of renovating your home, but also an opportunity to create a unique space that reflects your taste and style. By following current trends and choosing the right design style, you can turn your Spanish apartment into a cozy nest that will delight you every day.