How will artificial intelligence be applied in the business of a real estate agency?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be useful for real estate agencies in various aspects of their business, including:

  1. Data Analysis: AI can be used to analyze large amounts of data, such as information about the real estate market, home prices, and more. This helps real estate agencies better understand market trends and predict future changes in home prices.

  2. Property Search: AI can be used to search and filter real estate according to the client's requirements. This can be especially useful for real estate agencies that have a large real estate database.

  3. Process Automation: AI can be used to automate various processes related to real estate agencies, such as processing applications for the display of real estate, filling out documents, etc. This allows you to reduce the time spent on routine tasks and increase the efficiency of agents.

  4. Personalization: AI can be used to personalize the customer experience. For example, AI can recommend properties that match the customer's preferences, as well as provide personalized offers and recommendations.

  5. Virtual Assistants: AI can be used to create virtual assistants that can answer clients' questions and assist them in the real estate search process.

In general, AI can be used to improve the work of real estate agencies and improve the quality of customer service. Our company Neodom uses a CRM system with AI to process the data of all portals in Spain and aggregate data into pivot tables to select the best objects according to numerous parameters that we individually form for the needs of our customers