The best places of Costa Blanca in Spain

Costa Blanca is a beautiful region in Spain that attracts a lot of tourists every year. There are several locations in Costa Blanca that are popular among tourists. Here are some of the best locations:

  1. Alicante: Alicante is the capital city of the province of Alicante and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Blanca. It is a historic city with beautiful beaches, a castle, museums, and excellent restaurants. The city is also well-known for its nightlife.

  2. Benidorm: Benidorm is a coastal town that is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and theme parks. It is a popular destination among families and young people.

  3. Calpe: Calpe is a beautiful coastal town that is known for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. It is also home to the Penyal d'Ifac, a massive rock formation that offers stunning views of the Mediterranean.

  4. Javea: Javea is a charming town that is known for its beautiful beaches and picturesque old town. It is an excellent destination for those looking for a relaxed and laid-back holiday.

  5. Denia: Denia is a coastal town that is known for its historic castle, beautiful beaches, and excellent seafood restaurants. It is also a great location for water sports enthusiasts.

Overall, all of these locations offer something unique and special to tourists. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and interests.

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