Valencia aims for a new Guinness World Record

In the colourful city of Valencia, the capital of the Costa Blanca region, an exciting event is about to go down in history – an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record. The city is about to gather a record number of people at the same table for lunch at the same time.

The idea to hold this unique mass dinner came from the desire to create something special that will attract the attention of the cultural and gastronomic life of Valencia. The organizers of the event hope that this will be an important moment in the history of the city and a vocation to draw attention to its culinary heritage.

The location for this gastronomic event has already been chosen with special attention to atmosphere and significance. In the heart of Valencia, in one of its historic squares, a long table will be set up, where thousands of participants will enjoy lunch in a single rhythm.

The organizers invite all residents and guests of the city to take part in this unique event. This is a great opportunity for everyone who appreciates communication and gastronomy to come together and create something that will remain in the memory of each participant.

The theme of the lunch will reflect the richness of the local cuisine and traditions of Valencia. Participants will be able to enjoy dishes that represent a great combination of local products and traditional recipes. On this day, Valencia will bring together people from different cultures under its arches, united by a common love for a great meal.

This event, if a new record can be set, will not only be a celebration for Valencia, but will also highlight its importance in world gastronomy. The city, with its unique traditions and variety of dishes, hopes to enter the Guinness Book of Records and leave its bright mark on the history of cooking. Everyone is invited to join this gastronomic feat and be part of an incredible one-table experience. After all, a delicious lunch in a great company is not only the satisfaction of the taste buds, but also the creation of unforgettable moments that will remain in the hearts of each participant.

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