Investor's Residence Permit and Golden Visa

Many people still confuse the concepts of a "golden" visa and an investor residence permit. It is no longer possible to obtain a 'golden visa' but instead, you may wish to consider applying for an investor residence permit.

The "Golden Visa" was pasted earlier into the passport and issued at the Consulate of Spain in Russia. It was an alternative to the Schengen visa and gave the right to stay in Spain for 365 days. Some property owners used it as an intermediate stage on the way to an investor residence permit. Then the time scheme was as follows: 1-2-5-5 (one year "golden" visa; two years of residence permit; and all subsequent extensions of residence permit for 5 years)

An investor residence permit is issued in Spain (and not at the Consulate) and you can start the process from the moment you purchased real estate for a total amount of 500,000+ euros. If you have a Schengen visa, there is no need to paste a "golden" visa into your passport. In this case, the temporary scheme is as follows: 2-5-5 (the first residence card is issued for 2 years and then extended for 5 years each time).

At the moment, it is really impossible to get a "golden" visa at the Russian Consulate, but the issuance of investor residence permits in Spain continues, and our team does this every day.

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