Buy an apartment in Alicante

Real estate in Spain is a profitable investment and a great way to apply for a residence permit in a European country and simply organize a reliable springboard for immigration. If you are interested in comfortable apartments for permanent residence or modern villas for a reliable investment, we suggest buying an apartment in Alicante by the sea.


Why is it worth buying a house by the sea

Alicante is a provincial town that is considered the most important transport hub in the Mediterranean. Due to the fact that the city does not belong to the category of megacities, you can buy an apartment in Alicante inexpensively. However, the location by the sea and the active growth of the business have already made this place attractive for tourists and investors.


Housing offers in this region from intermediaries and owners vary in cost, degree of comfort and location. Depending on the purpose for which the house is purchased, the requirements for real estate should be taken into account. So, as an investment, it is better to buy an apartment from a developer in a new building. This type of housing is gradually becoming more expensive, as the city is considered tourist.


Offer from our company

We have collected a complete database of real estate with a detailed description and will help you make a purchase according to all the rules. You will find a list of the best properties at an affordable cost, ads from individuals with photos and special projects from large construction companies on the coast.


The reasons to buy an apartment in Alicante in Spain can be varied, so we have implemented a convenient search system. You can find a suitable object by type of layout, location or other requirements. For example, it is important for some buyers to have several bedrooms, others are more interested in the view from the window. On each page of our catalog you will find selected housing options in the center and on the outskirts, modern type and in traditional Spanish style.


The catalog contains offers from different parts of the city, with different prices, and each option is accompanied by detailed photos. If you want to buy an apartment in Alicante in Spain inexpensively, but do not know which housing is better to choose, our specialists will help you. The cost is indicated in euros, when selling, we check each object for compliance with standards and guarantee the legality of the transaction. We will help you buy an apartment or house, tell you about all the nuances of processing such transactions and solve any problems with immigration to Europe.

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