How to get a residence permit in Spain in 2023

If you are going to change your place of residence and your choice fell on Europe, we suggest going to Spain. It is a sunny country with hospitable residents who treat foreigners well and gladly welcome them on their land. In any country, for permanent residence, you need to register the status of a legal immigrant, since illegal stay can not only be dangerous, but will also make your move useless.



  1. Advantages of a residence permit in Spain
  2. Types of residence permit
  3. Grounds for obtaining
  4. List of required documents
  5. How to get a residence permit in 2023 for Russians?
  6. What should I do in case of refusal?


Advantages of a residence permit in Spain

It is quite difficult to get a residence permit in Spain in 2023, since strict laws operate in the country. However, becoming a legal immigrant is quite real, and everyone who wants to do this has several ways to obtain a residence permit. Of course, many people have a question, why waste their time at all and draw up documents officially. Official status gives a lot, but the most important thing is that the presence of a residence permit in one of the European countries opens for you the rest of Europe.


Legal status provides the following advantages:

  • you can stay in Spain legally, and this right can apply to all family members;
  • you have the opportunity to work in Spain or study in any of the EU countries;
  • there are no restrictions when traveling in Europe;
  • if you have a residence permit, you can open your own business and be a director of your company or engage in investments, consulting.

In the future, it becomes possible to obtain citizenship and become a full member of the European Union with all the privileges due.


Types of residence permit

In Spain, a residence permit for Russians in 2023 can be issued in different ways. The country offers several types of such status, and each option has its own characteristics.


Without the right to work

This is the easiest way to get a residence permit in Spain in 2023, since you will need a minimum of documents. In this case, there is a law according to which a resident of any country who has funds in the right amount can apply for permanent residence in Spain. This method is considered the easiest, since to obtain documents you do not need to invest large sums or purchase real estate. However, the main feature will be that you do not get the right to work.


Basic requirements:

  • no criminal record;
  • housing in Spain, which can be owned or rented;
  • minimum deposit in the bank from 28 thousand euros; at
  • legality of income for the last three years;
  • medical insurance.

This scheme is suitable for the legalization of the whole family and dependents, but the size of the deposit directly depends on the number of people who will receive status under this program. There are family and individual design, which differ in amounts. With an individual, it is enough to open a bank account in the amount of 28 thousand euros. With a family deposit, the amount of the deposit is calculated depending on the number of people being issued. For the next family member after the applicant, the final figure increases by the same amount, for each subsequent one we add 7 thousand euros.


Residence permit for investments

In the presence of large capital, you can quickly become a legal resident of the country. This option of obtaining status is quite common in Europe and is popular with foreigners.


If you follow this scheme, you will be able to purchase real estate worth from half a million euros or make an investment. For those who decide to stop buying a house, it is important to take into account that the amount in the contract must be at least the declared 500,000 euros. In the event that you have looked for a house of greater value, you can use borrowed funds, but only on condition that 500,000 euros will be paid out of your funds. In other words, real estate can cost more than the declared limit, but not less! From 2023, the investment residence permit is issued immediately for 3 years and is extended in the future for 5 years. It is also important to note that this is the only type of residence permit in which a resident may not purchase a tax residence in Spain, since it has no obligation to stay in the country for a long time. The investor must be in the country annually for only 1 day and retains the tax residence of his country of main residence. It is worth noting that Spain in 2023 is the only country in the EU that issues this type of investor residence permit for the purchase of real estate from 500 thousand euros for 3 years at once.



If you decide that you do not need your own house, you can get the right of residence by investing in the economy. In this case, your investments must meet the following requirements:


  • government bonds in the amount of 2 million euros or more;
  • shares in Spanish companies in the amount of 1 million euros;
  • deposit in the bank in the amount of one million euros;
  • investments in scientific or social fields.

In addition to investing in other companies, it becomes possible to register your own business. Quite often, after receiving the documents, applicants transfer money to the account of the company, which they register under their own name. In order to get a residence permit for settlement in Spain in 2023 and run your business, you need not only to stock up on the right amount of money, but also to develop a business plan. A detailed description of the future company is considered by specialists, the economic effect of your activities, which will benefit the country's economy, is evaluated. At the same time, in some areas, foreign investment is prohibited at the legislative level - you will not be able to become the owner of a stake in companies that are engaged in the field of telecommunications, solve defense issues or work in the banking environment.


Do not think that in the presence of a large amount of money, the registration of the status will pass without hassle. Among other things, the applicant must not have a criminal record, have the means to live in the right amount, take out medical insurance and have a place to live in the property or conclude a lease agreement.


Grounds for obtaining

Residence permit Spain 2023 is issued not only in the presence of property or opening a business. There are a number of situations when documents are drawn up without attracting investments and large expenses:

  • Family reunification. If you have a residence permit, your family members have the right to apply for legal status. For registration, it is enough to have an official job, study or provide data on the availability of sufficient funds for living. By the way, it is not prohibited if the applicant has the legal status of any EU country.
  • Exceptional circumstances. This is a separate category of citizens who received their status for an exceptional reason. For example, for several years, a foreigner lived in Spain illegally, but then got an official job or started a family. Also, such a status is issued in the case when a foreign citizen assisted law enforcement agencies and helped to solve a crime.
  • Student visa. In this case, you are not issued a full-fledged residence permit, but a visa for study with a minimum period of 90 days. Most often, a student visa is issued for 1 year. For registration, you must confirm that you are going to study at a higher education institution, and provide documents on the availability of sufficient funds for living. After three years, subject to all the rules, you will be able to apply for a residence permit and issue it in the general order.

A residence permit in Spain for Russians in 2023 can also be issued under an employment contract, when you are invited to work by a local employer. The basis will be confirmed employment, and your family members can apply for a residence permit, get a job or study at a higher education institution.



List of required documents

If you are seriously thinking about how to get a residence permit in Spain for a Russian in 2023, we advise you to prepare a list of basic documents:

  • photocopy of the passport;
  • three photos measuring 3.5 by 4.5;
  • proof of your residence in Spain;
  • certificate of absence of criminal records;
  • health certificate;
  • documentation confirming that the applicant has sufficient means to live.

This set sometimes changes depending on what type of Spanish visa you are applying for. In any case, we recommend that you prepare and check what you already have in stock, and what else needs to be issued.

How to get a residence permit in 2023 for Russians?

In order to obtain the right to enter and reside, it is necessary to apply to the Consulate of Spain in the territory of your country. After studying all the conditions and collecting documents, you can contact the representative of a European country and start applying for a residence permit. The average processing time is 2 to 4 months, after which you can go to the selected city for permanent residence.


you are invited to work in Spain, the registration of documentation is handled by the employing company. These terms of cooperation are stipulated when concluding an employment contract, so you do not have to spend time communicating with bureaucrats of another country.


In most cases, investment types of residence permits in Spain in 2023 are issued by specialized services that work in this direction. You will be contacted by an employee who will tell you about all the nuances and help you collect everything you need. At the same time, your participation in the process of obtaining a residence permit will be minimal, so this method is considered the most convenient.


What should I do in case of refusal?

Each application is considered by the staff of the relevant department, the decision on extradition or refusal comes by mail or the applicant is notified in another previously specified way. Refusal to issue a residence permit can be for several reasons, depending on which category of visa you are applying for.



Refusal to issue a visa is often associated with the educational institution that you have chosen. If a university has not been accredited in accordance with the laws of the Ministry of Education, studying at such a university is not considered a sufficient basis for obtaining legal status.


Without the right to work

If you have violated the visa regime in the past, most likely, you will be denied a residence permit. Also, the reason for the refusal will be the insufficient amount of funds for living in the country.


Investor's residence permit

Under this category, the refusal is associated with the presence of outstanding tax debts. For example, you purchased real estate several years ago, but took care of obtaining legal status only now. If tax payments have not been made within a few days, there are problems with legalization.


With regard to investments, there are also many pitfalls that can put an end to your desire to change citizenship. For example, an investment transfer or sale transaction was carried out incorrectly.


most cases of refusals come due to incorrectly issued papers. Thus, incorrect filling out of forms or providing certificates for another time period may be the reason for the refusal. However, in such situations, the problem is easy to fix and get a residence permit legally and quickly.


If you receive a refusal, do not despair and forget about your dream to live in one of the EU countries. You have the right to appeal within 30 days of receiving a formal refusal. The appeal is submitted to the Consulate, the period of consideration is 30 days.


When filing an appeal, you have the opportunity to eliminate the reason for the refusal and send the documents again for consideration. At the same time, each applicant has the right to apply for a residence permit at any time, regardless of whether the refusal came to the previous application.


Another way to challenge the decision properly is to appeal to the Supreme Court of Madrid. That's just this way few go, since the period of consideration of the appeal in some cases is delayed for several years.


When receiving a refusal, do not give up, because most mistakes are easy to correct. First of all, you need to find out why your application did not receive a positive response, and then correct the situation. So, in some cases, student visas are not issued due to the insufficient number of study hours in the program. This problem is easily fixed if you choose a different program or apply to another university.


Despite the difficulties, bureaucratic delays and high cost, residence permit in Spain is in deserved demand. An excellent climate, a growing economy and the status of the EU country - these factors are enough to think about moving.

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