Is insurance required in Spain?

Spain is a popular European country that attracts not only businessmen, but also tourists from all over the world. The state is among the countries that have entered into the Schengen Agreement, so you will need an insurance policy to enter Spanish territory. This document is issued separately from the visa and guarantees that you will be provided with medical assistance in an emergency. Many travelers wonder if insurance to Spain is mandatory and whether it is possible to do without this document? The insurance policy is one of the mandatory documents that are submitted for a visa. The absence of such a certificate will lead to a refusal to issue a visa, so insurance is mandatory for every traveler.

Why do you need insurance in Spain for Russians

Russian citizens must also obtain a visa to cross the border with Spain, so each guest needs to take out insurance. This is not just a formality, but a guarantee that compatriots will not be left alone with the problem in a foreign country and will receive appropriate assistance.

Standard insurance for entry into a European country covers the following services:

  • outpatient and inpatient treatment if necessary;
  • sending to the clinic in an emergency;
  • emergency dental services;
  • return of tourists to the country of residence in case of necessary medical treatment.

The list of available services may be different and some companies offer a number of additional options to their customers. The policy will not only be needed to apply for a visa, but can also be very useful while in Spain.  The cost of medical services in European countries is much higher than in Russia, so insurance can pay off in just one visit to the hospital.


What does insurance cover?

The client can choose the content for the insurance policy independently, but the basic services will be the same for everyone. In addition to the services listed above, you can choose a number of additional services to insure yourself against possible dangers.

Depending on how exactly you are going to spend your time on vacation, the options that you may need are selected. For example, fans of extreme sports will be interested in the option of providing medical care in case of various injuries. In addition to medical services, insurance companies offer to use other services. So, you can insure yourself against the loss of luggage or return part of the money spent on the purchase of tickets in case of cancellation of the trip.

Insurance policies are divided into several categories based on cost and coverage:

  1. Basic. At this rate, you can take advantage of standard sanitary and medical services, including a doctor's appointment and basic diagnostic procedures.
  2. Advanced. The standard package is complemented by services related to surgery and even hospitalization. Some rates also include transporting the patient to the hospital or sending them home in situations where medical care will be provided at home. By the way, when applying for a residence permit, you need to buy just such a tariff.

As a rule, the insurance company simply pays for the services of medical personnel. However, there is another tariff at which you can get back the money spent on visiting a doctor. This option is convenient because you can go to any doctor and visit a hospital that does not cooperate with your insurance company. 


Who exactly can not do without insurance when traveling to Spain

An insurance document will be required for any tourist who enters the territory of Spain. Without a policy, a visa is not issued, so you will have to purchase insurance in any case. In addition, the cost of the policy is much less than the prices for services in hospitals, so this solution can be very profitable.

The policy is useful for all categories of travelers, since no one is immune from accidents. For those who are going to spend a long time in the country, an insurance policy is needed not only because of the paperwork. You can face an extreme situation at any time and use an insurance policy instead of paying large hospital bills.

For those who want to stay in Spain for a long time and obtain legal resident status, it is important to study all the requirements. So, the presence of insurance will be a mandatory item. In this case, the policy is issued for the entire period of stay in the country and must be valid for the rest of the Schengen countries. When applying to the visa center, you will be asked for a copy of the document, which is printed in color or a document with a blue seal. Russian insurance issued by companies that operate in the territory of our country may be rejected. This rule has appeared recently, some employees ignore it and accept such policies.

If you want to avoid any difficulties and decide to insure yourself in a foreign company, you need to find an institution that provides such services. Some tour operators offer the services of intermediaries for the purchase of an insurance policy in a foreign company. You can also try to buy the document yourself by filling it out on the site. Difficulties with the acquisition will arise for those who do not have a foreign bank card, since the cards of Russian banks will be useless. The procedure for obtaining is no different from a similar process in a Russian company, so you just have to choose the type of policy and fill out a table with personal data.   

An insurance policy seems like a waste of money, but many people forget about the high cost of medical services in Europe. You will definitely need such a document and the support of the insurance company in the following cases:

  • you prefer active sports and are going to relax in Spain, without denying yourself the pleasure;
  • in case of pregnancy, since carrying a child puts the woman's body in danger;
  • You go on a trip with a small child.

In such situations, you will need extended insurance that covers specific medical services.


How much does health insurance cost in Spain?

The cost of insurance is determined by several factors:

  • Type. You can apply for a single-entry policy if you are not going to return to Spain, or buy a multiple-entry tariff. The latter option is convenient for those who often visit the country and from time to time travel abroad.
  • Age. The cost of the policy depends on the age of the client, since a child and an adult may need different medical services.
  • Risky filling. There is a basic tariff that covers minimum services in emergency situations and packages with advanced options that include not only the provision of assistance, but also cover the costs of specific treatment.
  • Coverage amount. The insurance company sets a limit that indicates the upper limits of the amount of money spent on assistance. When applying for a policy for a trip to Spain, the limit is 30 thousand euros. However, the amount can be increased by additional options.

Many clients of insurance companies are interested in how much health insurance costs in Spain, but forget about the prices for medical care. In Spain, the medical sector is divided between public institutions and private hospitals. If you do not have a policy, the list of available services in the municipal clinic will be minimal. The standard policy, which covers 30 thousand euros, opens access to most services in Spanish hospitals.

If you decide to buy insurance for a tourist trip, it should be borne in mind that the country has a minimum limit on such a document. Here are the basic rates at which the cost of insurance begins:

  • An adult who travels alone. Such a tariff will cost from 26 to 50 euros per month in the minimum version, but such prices are available only to those customers who have not yet turned 35 years old.
  • Pregnant women. An insurance policy for a pregnant girl will cost from 79 to 189 euros per month, since emergency situations are possible in this state.
  • People over 65 years old. Older people need medical care often, so you will have to pay from 79 to 189 euros for insurance.
  • Family rate. There are family packages that include parent-child insurance. For example, for a family of two adults and two children under the age of 9, you will be offered a package for an amount of 89 to 184 euros.

Depending on how much time you are going to spend in Spain, the policy can be issued for a month, quarter, trimester or year. By the way, you have the opportunity to renew the previously purchased package if you decide to stay in Spain.


Your actions if an insured event occurs

Since the insurance policy is a mandatory document for tourists, we recommend that you print it out and keep it on hand. In the case when you need medical help, you must act according to simple instructions:

  • Contact the service center. Each company provides all contact details to contact representatives at any time of the day, so you just have to use this information. In most cases, employees of the insurance company speak Russian language, so there will be no problems explaining the situation.
  • Name personal data. In order for an employee of an insurance company to start working with you, he needs to get access to your contract. You give the company representative the contract number and name, then talk about what kind of help you will need.
  • Follow the instructions of the employee of the insurance company. After receiving all the information, the representative of the insurer finds out what services are needed and sends it to the nearest medical institution.

In a situation where it is impossible to contact a representative of the insurance company, we advise you to pay for the services of the hospital yourself. Within the next 30 days, you can contact the insurance company to compensate for the costs and provide documents confirming your losses.

Where and how you can get insurance

To apply for an insurance policy, you must contact companies that provide such services. Most organizations work remotely, so you can easily draw up the necessary document without visiting the office.

The registration procedure is simple and consists of several steps. Since the cost depends on the type of insurance itself and individual parameters, it is necessary to fill out the table and enter the required data:

  • type of policy and its multiplicity;
  • the dates of the trip, taking into account the day you enter and leave Spanish territory;
  • dates of birth of travelers covered by this agreement;
  • sports and outdoor activities;
  • additional options;
  • Contact details.

After filling out, you will receive the exact cost of the policy, you will be able to pay the tariff and receive the document in a convenient way. A standard package can be issued for one person or for a group, the number of participants in one contract is indicated in the description.

The document is sent by e-mail, the original is rarely required. Even to obtain a visa, you only need to provide a copy, so you don't have to order expensive shipping by the postal service. By the way, it is better to keep the electronic document so that you can always provide the original or print another copy of the policy. 

Employees of insurance companies answer all questions in detail, so you can contact consultants while filling out the table. They will tell you how much insurance costs in Spain and what services the standard rate covers. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with offers from different companies in order to choose the best option for yourself and your family.